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Saturday Bible Study (09:30 AM – 12:10 PM)

Adult Bible Study (Sabbath School) meets in Sanctuary.

Ambassador’s Class (Sabbath School) meets in Fellowship Hall.

Kinder Roll, Primary, and Juniors/Teens (Sabbath School) meet in designated classrooms.

Youth Meetings

Pathfinders meet as scheduled. (See calendar for meeting times and location.)

Youth Group meets the 3rd Saturday of the month. Contact us for more details.

Community Fellowship and Life Enrichment Groups

Weekly Prayer Group meets 7 PM Wednesdays in the Sanctuary.

Women of The Word Bible Study and Prayer Group meet 12:30 PM on Wednesdays. (For more information contact Joan Bromme. (540) 603-2264)

Men’s Breakfast (See calendar.)

Health Programs (See calendar.)


Bi-Monthly Fellowship Dinner (See calendar.)

Life Changing Events If you just moved to the area, are getting married, having a baby, or lost a loved one and would like the church to be part of this important time in your life, please contact Raquel (540) 317-0600.

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