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Why is your worship service so early?

To help accommodate the schedule of a multi-church pastor, worship service starts at 9:30 AM and Bible study at 11 AM.

Are you located in town or outside of town?

We are located in the beautiful town of Orange.

Where do I park?

Because our church is located in the Town of Orange, parking is on the street.

Is the church wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, our current building is not accessible, please contact us to discuss your accessibility needs and we will do our best to make your visit possible.

How should I dress?

Please come as you are! But if you wonder what others may be wearing, many, but not all, of our members and guests dress in business, or business casual attire.

When I attend, will I be asked to participate?

We love it when people participate in our Sabbath services, but we do not call anyone out during the service and wish to respect your privacy. We hope to make you feel welcome in an understated way.

What is your Bible study like?

Bible study, or what we call Sabbath School, is a time after the main worship service when the congregation divides in groups (mostly by ages) to study the “lesson” a quarterly Bible study guide that covers a subject that is being discussed by the Adventist church worldwide. Participants are invited to get involved in the discussion, or just listen.

Do you have a meal for guests and what do you serve?

All are invited to fellowship dinner or potluck on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays, but please check the calendar as this is cancelled occasionally to accommodate other events. Our meals are vegetarian and many dishes are whole foods, plant based. Everyone is invited to enjoy our delicious heart healthy potluck spread.

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